Playing Double Fives and Sixes on the Second Roll

  • Movie-1
  • Cast
    Paul Weaver
  • Genre
    Theory, Checker play
  • Runtime
  • Difficulty
    • Beginner
    • Expert
  • Subtitle
  • 20
  • Released
  • Viewing Period
    90 days
  • Synopsis
    Double fives on the second roll is a good number if it does not hit (moving 20 pips and making the 3pt) and a great number if it can used to blitz. If Black blitzes with 55 and White fans, the correct cube action in the resulting position is given.
    Double sixes on the second roll is, in general, the very best possible roll. It is almost always best to make the 7pt and the 18pt. The only exception for money occurs when White opens with 61, blocking Black from advancing his back checkers with 66. If White opens by splitting with 62, 63 or 64, Black has an interesting blitzing option that is correct only at gammon go.
    An appendix in the last four pages of this document gives the rollout result of the cube action in the event that White fans after Black attacks with 55 or 66.


  • 1. Title: Playing Double Fives and Sixes on the Second Roll